Fight For Covid-19 is Still On: Make Covid-19 Donation Today

Why should you still donate to the covid-19 donation fund? The covid-19 pandemic has had a drastic effect on the livelihood of people worldwide. It has challenged the medical field all around the world, people have lost their jobs, and the food system led to distraught. The disturbances on the social front are also disheartening; millions of people are on the verge of poverty and can't afford daily meals. A study in the US shows that by the end of the year 2021, 132 million people may be in the state of poverty that was not before covid.

Coronavirus, which is said to have risen out of Wuhan (China), genuinely affects the world's general public. Because of the issues brought about by this specific health emergency everywhere in the world, the World Health Organization (WHO) has pronounced it as a worldwide pandemic. That, as well as a result of its widespread, nations, had to stop global going to secure themselves. Likewise, the lockdown has been perceived as the only technique to control the spread of the pandemic, and almost every nation has implemented this strategy.

In the dreadful situation of post-lockdown in India, numerous issues identified with social, political, educational, political, farming, psychological, and a lot more have been seen, which devastatingly affects individuals' current lives.

As Covid 19 keeps on threatening us, The Government of India has taken many strict and powerful measures to combat the situation. The lockdown, night curfew, and restrictions on traveling, among many other rules and regulations, were imposed since March of 2020. At this crucial hour of need, Mahavir International, Delhi has stepped up to provide aid to the ones in need. Mahavir International Delhi has launched a covid-19 donation fund relief that would be used to help the people who are most vulnerable even now.

State administrations of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, and a couple of others have declared special food kits bundles and help assets for such people. Notwithstanding, state and local government alone won't be sufficient. Like this, it is significant for residents, metro bodies, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), just as industry pioneers, to step up and provide resources.

Mahavir International Delhi is adhering to all the cleanliness and safety measures; MID has initiated its relief services and Covid-19 donation funds consisting of food and basic necessity kits for the marginalized section of our country. They consist of wage workers, migrant laborers, construction site workers, and needy people at old age homes and night shelters.

This initiative is about giving them healthy meals twice a day. The meals are delivered directly to the people in need. Along with the meals, Mahavir International Delhi also provides ration bags, stationary, notebooks and clothes. The demand for food packets is more than we can imagine, no one can account for it, and that is what troubles us.

MID and Vira Vision group, along with our leading Sponsors and partners, NBCFDC, NSFDC, NSKFDC, and CONCOR, are endeavoring to contribute whatever possible way to help normalize the way of living by providing hygienic security through the distribution of face masks, Sanitary napkins, Soaps and Face shields.

Mahavir International Delhi has started this initiative on 28th March 2020; we have successfully distributed more than 1 lakh (1,00,000) food packets, more than 900 ration bags, 2792 sanitary pads and 5000 masks along with several basic necessities like soaps, clothes etc.

Mahavir International Delhi has made it to different locations ranging from Shahdara, Geeta Colony to even Loni Border as key food distribution points. Earlier, this was started with the help of Delhi Police with more than 2000 meals every day today; we have been allotted various locations such as Karkarduma, Babarpur Janta colony, Anganwadi, and many more by The Delhi Govt. to distribute in collaboration with them.

Areas like the travel industry, airlines, accommodation, and trade did have their initial set of difficulties. However many more different areas like restaurants, malls and street shops are still confronting the impact. According to reports, there has been a 20% decrease in domestic travel and about 75% decrease in global travel schemes. The booking rates have additionally declined from 70% to 20%. There has been a down of 30-35% in café business. Deals of poultry area have likewise descended by 80%, losing a business of around Rs 1,500 - 2000 crores every day.

The increase in infection rate has gotten the world in probably the greatest danger to the worldwide economy and monetary business sectors. While the Government of India, just as State governments are treating and observing the circumstances to control the Covid-19 donation pandemic, it can take several months to get reasonable data of the impact and steps to get everything back to normal. It is vital for each Indian to stay mindful and alert.

Almost 50% of the world's worldwide workforce is at risk of losing their livelihood still. Informal sectors are at even greater risk and in most of the cases they even lost their jobs without notice as they lack social and health security. Without any way to earn income, many cannot take care of their families and themselves. They are unable to provide food and basic amenities to their loved ones in these difficult times.

The pandemic and lockdown have a dire effect on the food system all around the globe. With all the borders closed, hampering the import and export, the food didn't reach where it was supposed to be. Restrictions on accessing the markets for selling and purchasing in wholesale on farmers there is a downfall on food systems. People employed in the food sector from under-developed and developing countries are in a worse state than ever.

A large number of agricultural workers feed the world but are on the edge of poverty themselves. The financial and social disturbances brought by the pandemic are catastrophic. Millions of people are at the risk of falling into the pit of poverty. Several countries have reported being undernourished by the end of the 2020 year.

Several numbers of firms and enterprises are facing an existential crisis. Nearly half of the world's global workforce are unemployed or at risk of losing their livelihood. Informal workers who as of have their jobs, are at greater risk and vulnerable now as they have no backup from their work front. For most wage earners, no income means no food.

As India is perceived as a place where there is variety, so the effect of Covid-19 is assorted and endless. However, on the other hand, that we see the opposite side of the real world, COVID-19 has affected our general public, and that is without a doubt, yet just unfavourably. That is the thing we need to stand with each other and help in any form those who need the most.

With any pandemic or any circumstance that impacts the general public worldwide comes to the issue of deterioration of mental health. The quote "man is a social being" is true, but because persistent lockdown for around four months has affected individuals mentally. The weight has fallen upon the ladies and kids as abusive behaviour at home.

Now is the time to help the ones in need by funding in covid-19 donation fund and make this world a little better place as it is now, especially with the workforce in developing countries. Only with the help of each other, we can overcome and beat this dire situation.