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Mahavir International Delhi fights against Covid-19 -- Helping Needy people in these times of crisis.

The COVID-19 lockdown has molded the lives of people. The worst affected are the migrants, cleaners,shopkeepers,daily wage laborers, mostly the people who lie below the poverty line. There are many laborers without homes who are now hungry, they are forced to live in streets because the house owners won't allow them to live without taking rent and without no choice, they live on streets- living on pavements or under bridges. The condition they are living, others to... but the difference is only that they have the roof to cover themself but don't have food to eradicate their hunger.

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Eye Pledges


Cataract Surgeries


Person Restored Eye Sight


Health/Eye Check-Up Camps

Pledge Your Eyes

Mahavir International Delhi aims to motivate people to join hands to pledge their eyes and to make Delhi number one city in terms of eye donations and eye pledges.

Pledge Your Eyes

Support eye Cataract

Cataract is one of the major causes of the blindness. Your help and contribution with an amount of 5100/- can bring light in someone's life and can save someone from cataract.

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Support Us on setting camps

Mahavir International Delhi organizes 350+ camps including Eye health check up and Mega Health Check up camp. Vision is to make it 500 in coming years:
Eye Check up Camp- 55000/-
Mega Health Check up Camp- 65000/-


Welcome To Mahavir International Delhi

Mahavir International Delhi center, registered in 1979 under the Societies Act 1860, has been the torch bearer of the apex body since its inception. With the underlying objective of serving the humanity at large, Mahavir International Delhi took upon itself the challenge to specialize in & provide quality Eye Care & Health care to the poor & needy strata of society who can ill afford these basic rights.

The oganization has been steadfastly working in this direction, and constantly innovating to reach their desired objectives. Today, Mahavir International Delhi is running 6 Centers with 3 ultra modern eye operation theatres, 3 with Physiotherapy units, 1 with MRI and CT scan facility 2 with x-Ray facility and 1 with retina unit

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Our Celebrity

Our Patients

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