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Mahavir International Delhi fights against Covid-19 -- Helping Needy people in these times of crisis.

The COVID-19 lockdown has molded the lives of people. The worst affected are the migrants, cleaners,shopkeepers,daily wage laborers, mostly the people who lie below the poverty line. There are many laborers without homes who are now hungry, they are forced to live in streets because the house owners won't allow them to live without taking rent and without no choice, they live on streets- living on pavements or under bridges. The condition they are living, others to... but the difference is only that they have the roof to cover themself but don't have food to eradicate their hunger.

We have never faced this situation before and neither we don't want to in the future. Also, there will be no future without controlling the damage done in the present.

In this hour of India's fight against Corona, we came forward to provide food to daily wagers, homeless and other people affected by the curfew imposed in Delhi

This initiative is about giving them healthy meals twice a day. The meals are delivered directly to them. We are currently delivering more than 2000 meals a day and we'll do until the lockdown is lifted. The demand for food packets is more than we can imagine, no one can account for it and that is what troubles us.

Started on 28th March 2020 we have successfully distributed more than 1 lakh (1,00,000) food packets, more than 900 ration bags and 5000 masks to date. MID have made different locations ranging from Shahdara, Geeta Colony to even Loni Border as key food distribution points. Earlier this was started with the help of Delhi Police with more than 2000 meals everyday, today we have been allotted various locations such as Karkarduma, Babarpur Janta colony, Anganwadi and many more by The Delhi Govt. to distribute in collaboration with them.

Do your bit and fund generously. Our team is working tirelessly day and night. All funding has 80G Tax benefits and a lot of blessings.

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