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What started out as a humble effort by a few denizens of society in 1975 has since snowballed into a huge momentum called Mahavir International. Working selflessly, fearlessly, dedicated & committed to alleviate & ameliorate the sufferings of mankind, irrespective of religion, caste, colour or creed, that's the essence of Mahavir International. well encapsulated in its short but universal motto. "Love All Serve All!". Today, with over 300 centres worldwide, including five abroad in USA, Australia, UK, Dubai and Singapore the organization boasts of a committed member base of 8500 who are holding the beacon high.

Mahavir International Delhi center, registered in 1979 under the Societies Act 1860, has been the torch bearer of the apex body since its inception. With the underlying objective of serving the humanity at large, Mahavir International Delhi took upon itself the challenge to specialize in & provide quality Eye Care & Health care to the poor & needy strata of society who can ill afford these basic rights.

The organization has been steadfastly working in this direction, and constantly innovating to reach their desired objectives. Today, Mahavir International Delhi is running 3 centres with 3 ultra modern eye operation theatres in backward area with excellent team of doctors, para-medical staff and state-of-the-art facilities for Eyecare which are comparable to even the best of private hospitals & certainly a first among charitable ones. To further its service & reach, the organization conducts a large no. of Eye & Health check up camps PAN India & runs several mobile medicate vans in far flung areas & JJ clusters.

The organisation has also launched flagship project "Doctor at Door step" with 2 fully equipped vans.

The ethos of service is running thick in the veins of the organization. So, although the focus of Mahavir International Delhi continues to remain on Eye care, the organization is always at the forefront whenever there is a burning issue to be handled. The MID stood firm and tall and its members contributed in a big way for rehabilitation programmes whenever a calamity has hit the country or its neighbours in the past.

Over the last 39 years, a large no. of people from all walks of life, professionals, corporates, CPSEs, banks, NGO'S, Industrialists, Eminent citizens, Celebrities have joined hands with us & strengthened the bonds of service & empathy.

No. Of Mobile Medicare Units 4 and 2 Van For Pick Up & Drop Of Patients

List Of Hospitals Run by Mahavir International Delhi


6550, Main Qutab Road,
Nabi Karim, Near Hanuman Mandir,
New Delhi - 110 055

+91 - 11 - 2351 0770, 2352 6502


36/3, Mathura Road,
Badarpur, New Delhi-110044

+91 - 11 - 65724396, 65648556


J.J. Colony No.-2,
Nangloi, Delhi-110041

+91 - 11 - 28341105

Mahavir International Delhi Salutes to the blessings of her majesty "Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil Former President of India"

On 22nd June 2011 delegation of Core Group of Management of social service NGO Mahavir International Delhi led by Sh. S. K. Jain IPS Patron sought audience with her Majesty and apprised her with its activities in the sphere of eye care, eye pledges, eye donation and to realize the mission of Cataract Free Delhi.

By running six well equipped centres, it has received a land mark by providing free medical aid to MORE THAN 45 LAKH PATIENTS, performing 27344 cataract surgeries and cornea implants with free pick-up and drop back transport facility, organizing over 2820 free check-up camps, besides securing over 33484 eye pledges and over 257 actual eye donations.

Moved by the selfless working of the NGO to ameliorate the hardship and suffering of needy and poor, her Majesty extended her blessing in achieving its mission.