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 The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.Prachi Mittal

 Eyes are the best blessings of God and they are the lights of the Body. If they are donated after one's death two blinds can see the world in the ample view. That is the best prayer to God who has given all blessings to one.Poulose P.Daniel

 Donate your Eyes........and spread the light in other's life.smriti gupta

 India's Total Population 118 Crores. Daily Death - 62389 Daily Birth - 86853 Total Blinds - 682497 If Daily Dead People Donate their Eyes, within 11 Days all Blinds will be able to See. Then in India there will be NO Blinds. KINDNESS Costs NOTHING.Tanuja Bisht

 Do you wanna enjoy God's creation even after your death........... If yes, then do donate your eyes...... and become a soul which will create a difference in someone's lifeNeha Nautiyal

 Donate your Eyes so that someone can see.............. AGAIN ................Harpreet Singh

 I heard about you and your services at Vizag city. i have some ideas about providing nutrition to poor at very affordable price, protein, calcium, iron and vitamins. If some one from your org contact me I can share my thoughts & experiences.i am retd executive engineer and developped interest in nutrtion.I live at Vizag near Gurdwara.P.MURALIKANTARAO

 According to a study published in Opthalmology,People who are nearsighted may be nearly twice as likely to also develop glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness, .Swati Sharma

 Give Freedom From Darkness...Donate EyesTanuja Bisht

 Eyes do not tell people what they see, people tell eyes what to look for.Swati Sharma

June, 2016

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07 May, 2016

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